Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Big Boy

We got some hand-me-down clothes for (H) from our friends last night after they made us some kickin' fajitas complete with homemade flour tortillas (I must try that!). They're from Texas and know what good Mexican food is all about. So anyway, (H) was watching me unload the clothes and commenting on all the shirts he liked (the one with Jimi Hendrix on the front was his favorite). Then we discovered a yellow baseball hat which he proceeded to put on and not take off...at all. In fact, this is how he fell asleep last night:

Too cute that boy.

He did pretty well today back at PMO. He has moved up to the preschool classroom now that he's almost 2 and he went back and forth between the baby room and the big kid room just to make sure I was still close by. My friend Trish (faithful blog follower that she is!) helped out in the baby room with me today since my co-teacher was absent. We had fun and she helped juggle the babies while we all got used to being back at school. So thanks Trish!

It's been snowing on and off today but nothing's sticking. It's very pretty though. There's another chance for snow Thursday. *A*'s convinced Christmas is coming "because it's snowing". I tried to explain to her that it's snowing because it's Winter and that Winter lasts longer than Christmas, but she's not convinced. Here are some Wintery pictures from Sunday when we got to experience what we're calling frozen fog...not sure what that is really, but the air was damp like fog but it was so cold that it froze to the trees. Very cool.

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Trish in Sewanee said...

A blog shout out! Woot! Woot!
I love the sleeping in the big boy cap - so glad you captured that preciousness! Love ya, Trish