Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year

Doesn't it seem like we should get presents on New Years instead of, or in addition to, Christmas? Things to help us in the new year? You know, we could just save some presents and give them on New Year's Day. Like, for instance, I need a new filing cabinet, it's not a terribly exciting Christmas present, but it would be a very useful New Year's present! Of course wouldn't it be wonderful to give gifts of a non-material nature like organization, patience, determination, etc...I guess that's what resolutions are for, but it sure would help us keep them if we had some of these gifts!

Ok, enough random thoughts. Welcome back and welcome 2009! We had a wonderful Christmas with lots of fun times, too much good food, and some new goodies for all. We've been back on the mountain for a few days and we've just been relaxing and getting back to being our little family. The most exciting present to me was a surprise new digital camera from ^J^'s brother's family. Whoohoo! It's a Nikon Coolpix and it's super-cute and small but powerful and it takes great videos too, so look for new videos on the sidebar soon! I got some wonderful books too that I'll post in the What I'm Reading area. Many are recommended from blogs I read by crafty mommies. Here are some pics from the many wonderful Christmas celebrations we've had over the past week or so:
Happy New Year!

Our perfect, simple Christmas...

Stocking Stash!

(H)'s new train!

Christmas in ATL...
Puzzles with Daddy:

New Toys!

The Best Toy of all!

Hot Chocolate at Gram's with the cousins:

A New "mysickle"

Playdough Party!

Home again, ahhhhh!

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