Monday, January 19, 2009

Birthday Bash Continued...

So we carried on with our day and it started snowing, and it continued snowing and then we made *A*'s cake, and it was still snowing so after (H)'s nap, we decided to venture out and take a snow walk. We have been wanting to go explore the little lake behind our house ever since the cold cold weather last week in the single digits. We could tell from our house that it was iced over but it was hard to tell how much. Well, today when the snow was laying on top of the lake, we knew it must be ice so we bundled up and took the dogs for a walk. Those rain/snow boots sure do come in handy! I was wishing I had some.
We found some rabbit tracks.
Here's the lake with snow laying on top.
Here's a couple of cracks in the ice where people threw things to see how thick the ice was.
And here's Sophie testing it out for herself...yikes!
It was pretty thick by the edges as we later found out when both Sophie and Gracie decided to test it by wresting out there. We didn't let them venture too far because neither one of us was willing to set foot on that pond. The kids thought it was hilarious though. We took some video of our walk too that should be in the Moving Pictures area on the sidebar------->.

The day ended perfectly with hot chocolate all around to thaw out while I made the specially requested dinner and then we sang and ate that yummy strawberry cake.

This little girl was pretty happy with her day, as were we when she made her (10 day late) appearance 4 years ago...
Now it's time to gear up for sweet child #2's birthday in 2 short days when he'll be 2. Phew.

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