Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

As an early Christmas present, a friend and I decided to split a yearly pass to the Chattanooga Discovery Museum. We did this a month or so ago and decided to go back this past weekend since we've had such yucky weather and the kids needed to get out of the house and play. This is a really great place and I recommend it highly. Last time we went, we didn't even make it past the 1st floor because there is so much to do! We are thinking of having the kids birthday party there too! Here are some of the highlights:

::Playing the Drums on the rooftop::

::Digging for Dino Bones::

::Strong Girl! Pulley Swing on the Roof::

::Water Play Area::

::(H)'s favorite spot: The boat with pretend fishing!::

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