Friday, October 17, 2008

Foggy Friday

We woke up to our 2nd foggy morning. Apparently we're lucky we haven't had very many foggy days this year, usually Fall is filled with them. Maybe that's why I still like them, they're still a novelty for me. We drove Josh to the seminary this morning so he could study for a few hours and driving the few miles back to our house was quite taxing. At times I had maybe 5 feet visibility. So I guess I should clarify, I really like the fog when I can admire it from the warmth of my living room windows but maybe not so much to drive in.

We're gearing up for a full weekend. Traveling back "home" to visit with family and friends and ^J^ was asked to preach at our home church Sunday. We're looking forward to seeing everyone there and catching up.

Next week we're back in the full swing of things. This week "off" has been nice but I didn't get nearly enough accomplished. Oh well, it'll all be there next week to tackle and I sure enjoyed having the afternoons with everyone together even if it was spent napping.

Happy weekend to all!

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