Monday, October 20, 2008

Homecoming, Coming home

We went back "home" this weekend. ^J^ was asked to preach on Sunday and it was really nice to see everyone from Nativity. We spent a lot of time with my parents too and that was really nice.
Side note to Nativity readers: It was so good to see you all! When we drove in the parking lot, (H) yelled "church!" so even if he acted shy yesterday, he was happy to be there. I'm sure you know *A* was happy to be back although she mostly wanted to play with the Bergs boys! Thank you all for welcoming us back so nicely and we can't wait to come visit again soon!

^J^ did a wonderful job in my opinion and he got many compliments. His sermon is on his blog if you want to read it, although it was much better in person. He had everyone laughing (and even singing) at times! I came late but luckily got there just in time to hear the whole thing. Afterwards we hung out and talked to everyone. People wanted to know how it was going and I felt strange always saying, "It's great, we love it!", but it's true! We're really lucky to be here and are so grateful for all the support people have given to help us get here, and while we're here. Nativity has set up a seminarian fund and that has been amazingly helpful to have a little extra each month, especially now that our house is still on the market and we're approaching our 4th month paying 2 house payments. urrrgg.

O.k., I'm not going to stress about that now. On to more fun topics. This weekend felt like a mini-vacation. We had a babysitter Friday so we could go contra-dancing at the local american legion, we had meals cooked or bought for us, my mom and I actually got to shop, and I was so excited to go to Target! Whoo hoo! My mom found butterfly wings for *A*'s Halloween costume and part of (H)'s caterpillar costume. Then she found wings for me so I think we're going to dress up as a bug family this Halloween. ^J^ says he'll get some small colanders to put over his eyes and he'll be a fly. I think he should be the cocoon and we'll just wrap him in toilet paper.

This week we're back to our regularly scheduled lives. I'm looking forward to the weekend. It's Homecoming for the University and we're finally going to get to go to a football game. There are parties galore around and ^J^ signed up to be a bartender so hopefully he can make some money this weekend doing that. The School of Theology supplies the University with bartenders as a work-study job (hilarious right?), and we've heard the older alums tip pretty well so hopefully he'll get assigned to a good party. I signed up too, but we would need to do separate nights obviously so I'm not sure if I'll have an assignment this weekend or not.

I've borrowed my mother's digital camera so hopefully I'll be able to provide some more visual aids this week. I couldn't live without one for Halloween so she generously gave hers up for a bit. Stay tuned...


Dynomite Momma said...

I missed my calling. I coulda been an excellent bartender in Theology school....I feel ya on the house selling. Lots of prayers for you - I'm glad you got to go home. Home is good. I love you!

ukebard said...

Cacoon? I'll try that, maybe I could be an egg sack. Never mind.

BB said...

O.k. Mr A+ it's cocoon, but anyway, Yuck! That's worse than the fly idea!!!!