Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Safety First!

In honor of fire safety week, the kids' PMO had the campus firetruck and firefighters come for a visit.
You can imagine the excitement when that big red truck pulled up and the kids were lined up with their very own firehats. The firefighters are undergrads who have agreed to be volunteer firefighters and have EMT training as well. They work in shifts just like regular firefighters and cover the 13,000 acres owned by the university. They were great with the kids and told them all about their uniforms and the truck.
One of them suited up in full gear to show the kids what it would look like, and explained that if they ever saw this in their home to run toward them and not be scared. I have to say that the full suit and mask are a little intimidating. I'm glad they tell kids this though and have these outreach visits so kids can get used to seeing them all suited up. (H) was very scared by the "guy" as he says, and he ducked behind my legs until he de-suited. He wouldn't sit in the truck but wasn't scared by the siren or horn.
*A* loved it all of course and did everything except honk the horn, that was a little too loud for her. She was fascinated by the truck driving away and wouldn't come inside until they were gone and she had waved goodbye.

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Dynomite Momma said...

Hey - BE COOL ABOUT FIRE SAFETY!!! We did this at Berry Pre-k this week, too - Smokey the Bear came (Cole cried. He doesn't like dressed up people...but he told me so matter of factly...?)
And yesterday Lee's dad brought his fire truck over!

Awesome. LOVE the photos.