Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This Week...

is busy.
Here's a quick summary and pics, I'm tired, sorry for the lack of complete sentences.

Sunday: We went to the Atlanta Symphony for their Halloween concert, *A* and her cousins got to dress up and Gram let me go instead of Papa, so I got to see their delighted faces during the performances and when they saw costumes they recognized.

Monday: We prepared for this busy week. I made (H)'s caterpillar costume, was a baking machine for the PMO Bake Sale,
did lots of laundry, enjoyed the cold weather, and had my last Spirituality in Art class.

Today: Was Trick-or-Treating at PMO, up and down the halls of the seminary. The kids had lots of fun and (H)'s costume actually looked decent. One of the legs fell off though and I had to staple it.

Then choir rehersal, and then home for a family night of homemade pizza, a fire, and It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!, I love sharing this Halloween tradition with my kids, but I do not love that they say "stupid" so much in this movie...how is it that you don't notice these things until you have a precocious 3 year old and a toddler who repeats everything?

Coming up: The rest of this week will be celebrated through an annual event known as the DuBose Lectures. Wednesday is a Quiet Day at the local convent, and then Thursday and Friday are lectures by a renown speaker of some sort. This year it's Fred Craddock. On Thursday night there is a formal-ish dance. It's kind of the seminary homecoming, seminary alums come in just for these events. I'm looking forward to quiet tomorrow for part of the day...I'll have to get the kids after lunch so my quiet will end there, but a morning of quiet sounds nice. I think I'll bring my knitting and take full advantage of having my hands free! We heard Fred Craddock speak last year (thanks Minvielle's!) and he's really great. Also the dance will be fun, it's like seminary prom! Whoo hoo!

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