Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Sweetest Thing...

This is what I found after starting a load of laundry...It was naptime and he was waiting for me on our bed to come back to lay him down, but apparently he just couldn't wait any longer.
He's been really attached to this bear from Gram (It's a super-soft Steiff all the way from the real FAO Schwarz in NYC) lately. It's so cute. *A* never has had an attachment with a particular toy, she has really liked her "pink pony" since we got it and takes it pretty much everywhere, but that's only been since this summer. I always tried to get my kids to have a cuddle toy/blanket, but they used me instead...which is fine now that they're done with all that, especially since I'm bad about forgetting things and I'm happy to avoid the responsibility of lugging something around everywhere. But I've been sad about my little (H) not being so little anymore (temper tantrums and talking in full sentences is the norm lately) and so seeing him lug around his "bee-yur" is just adorable.

Today we were walking to the car across a grassy area and he and I were holding hands not talking, but trying not to slip on acorns, and he said, "Acorns, kick, more acorns, lots." It's just amazing to me when they start thinking of things in their own mind and then are able to share that thought.

And just to prove that I have 2 perfect children, *A* woke up this morning and came in our room and ^J^ was still in bed so he said "*A*, go start the coffee", totally kidding and just being lazy and tired. She sweetly replied: "How do I make it Daddy?". She was ready and willing to help out.

They are too much.

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