Monday, October 13, 2008

Homebody Loves Me

I'm looking forward to being more of a homebody this week. It's "reading week", i.e. catch up week for the seminarians so ^J^ doesn't have classes but he's trying to get a lot of work done ahead of time. Things are still open at the seminary, it's just a lot less. We don't have choir or community worship or lunch, but we do have PMO. So he and I will both be around home a little more and I have lofty goals. (H)'s room and the "study" are at the top of the list to get organized. Organizing clothes and donating things we don't need is also a must. The list goes on, but I won't bore you with those details. We made communion bread today and actually made more than they needed, so we were able to have a slice for lunch, yum.
I need to get back to folding laundry but I want to comment on this wedding I went to this weekend. Our friends blended their beliefs (Jewish and Quaker) beautifully. And, although I am all for non-traditional wedding stuff (we even incorporated some of that into ours) this was the most unique wedding I'd ever been to. They held it at a state park in a group camp complete with communal meals in the dining hall and games of kickball on the field. From the Mardi Gras-esque parade with streamers and noise-makers, to the 'Jewqua' ceremony (a little glass breaking here, a little quiet reflection there), to the Moon Bounce, it was fun and relaxation for all ages. The cabins on site were "rustic" with 4 beds on a concrete floor but they were so CUTE, they looked like little hobbit houses and our kids thought they were the greatest. *A* especially loved that she could sleep in her sleeping bag and insisted on opening up all the windows by herself. We could hear the wind blowing in the trees all night and I actually slept really well despite the scorpion encounter on my last trek to the bathroom.
The food was incredible! It was from this place in Atlanta called Sun in my Belly and the cake was cupcakes from somewhere in VaHighlands. Then we had brunch the next morning: French toast from Challah bread, mimosas, fruit salad, bagels and lox with capers, purple onion and tomato. Oh my gosh, we pigged out.

Unfortunately I have no pictures to share...I think my camera has finally bit the dust. There were so many things I wanted to capture but sadly I'll just have to rely on my memory. If anyone has a digital camera lying around you never use, I'll take it! :) Or if you've seen a good deal on one, let me know.
Wishing you, and me, a good and productive week!

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ukebard said...

I really enjoyed dancing with you. It's been too long, want to go dancing this friday? I think the kids enjoyed the dancing too, even henry, once he got up from being knocked over while we "shagged", wink wink nudge.