Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Happy!

Happy Halloween to all! We've had a wonderful day so far and are looking forward to the festivities this evening!

Last night's Dubose dance (seminary prom) was super-fun and we took full advantage of a free babysitter (thanks Mom!) and a late night of dancing and free food and drinks. It was also a blast to shake our groove thing with fellow seminarians, professors and staff, and alums.

One last thing, Happy Blog-anniversary to me! I looked back the other day and it's been one year today since I started this blog. Wow, a lot can happen in a year. It's truly amazing how far we've come, and even more amazing to look ahead and see where we'll be this time next year, and the next year, and then the next year when this seminary experience is over! Phew, it's kinda overwhelming to think about so I'm gonna go join the rest of my family for a nap and recoup from last night's party to prepare for tonight's.
Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen!

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